Computer Architecture

Course Informations

Semester: 2
Total number of lecture hours per semester: 60
Total number of practice hours per semester: 60

Contents of the subject:

Notion of computer architecture

Model of computer

Machine level representation of data

Instruction set architecture, assembly languages and assembly level programming (subprogram, macro, stack)

Principles of computer organization (memory, processor, coding and formats of machine instructions, processor organization, input-output devices, bus, interrupts)

System programs (editor, assembler, macro preprocessor, linker, loader, debugger, operating system)

Evolution of computer architecture (CISC, RISC, pipelined and vector processors; memory hierarchy: main, external, associative, cache and virtual memory; input-output devices; bus; interconnection networks; multiprocessors and multicomputers: SIMD, MISD, MIMD; alternative architectures)

Teaching Staff

dr Miroslav Hajduković       hajduk(AT)
Lazar Stričević       lucky(AT)
Žarko Živanov       zzarko(AT)
Srđan Popov       boromir(AT)