Operating Systems

Course Informations

Semester: 4
Total number of lecture hours per semester: 60
Total number of practice hours per semester: 60

Contents of the subject:

Notion of operating system

Concurrency and synchronization (concurrent processes, interprocess communication, shared variables, message passing, mutual exclusion, conditional synchronization, interprocess communication primitives, deadlock, concurrent programming languages and their implementation, typical problems of concurrent programming: producer and consumer, dining philosophers, readers and writers, disk arm scheduling, …)

Roles of operating system (command language interpretation, process management, file management, memory management, device management, process scheduling))

Operating system interface (shell scripts and system calls))

Security and protection

Operating system classification (timesharing and real- time operating systems, distributed operating systems)

Teaching Staff

dr Miroslav Hajduković       hajduk(AT)uns.uns.ac.rs
Zorica Suvajdžin       tweety(AT)uns.uns.ac.rs
Predrag Rakić       pec(AT)uns.uns.ac.rs
Nikolić Miloš       losmi83(AT)uns.uns.ac.rs