Human-Computer Interaction

Course Informations

Total number of hours per semester






60 (C)

Contents / Structure of the subject:

  • ACM SIGCHI interdisciplinary studies

  • Human (I/O channels; memory; reasoning and problem solving; individual and group psychology; direct and indirect users)

  • Computer (ergonomics and input/output devices)

  • Interaction (models and frameworks; syntax and styles; forms and element of a dialogue; context)

  • Usability (principles and practice; engineering)

  • Interface (interaction) design (interdisciplinary development team; user-centered and user-participied approach; life-cycle and iterative development based on prototyping; techniques for HCI requirements gathering and engineering; methods of user and/or interface modeling)

  • Tools for development, implementation and support of interfaces – GUI libraries, toolbox, builders; UIMS and dialogue independent; architecture of interactive systems)

  • Interface evaluation (goals and styles; choosing an evaluation method; evaluation of design and implementation)

  • Help and documentation (requirements and approaches to user support; adaptive help system and its design; writing technical documentation)

  • User interface of high interactive systems (multimedia – WWW, CSCW, systems of virtual and augmentative reality; handwriting and gesture recognition; ubiquitous computing; interfaces for users with special needs)

  • Other problems in design and implementation of user interfaces of contemporary computing systems

Preexam duties:

  • Carried out computing practices.

Mode of studies and evaluation:

  • Lectures; Computing (C) practices; Consultations.

  • The exam is oral;

  • The exam grade comprises the result on computing practices and oral exam.


1. A. Dix, J. Finlay, G. Abowd, R. Beale, Human-Computer Interaction, Prentice Hall

2. M. van Harmelen (Ed.), Object Modeling and User Interface Design, Addison-Wesley

3. M. B. Rosson, J.M. Carroll, Usability Engineering – Scenario-Based Development of HCI, Morgan Kaufmann

Teaching Staff

Ivetić Dr Dragan